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Article: NWLSD Updated Quarantine Guidelines

NWLSD Updated Quarantine Guidelines

For the last month, the collected data surrounding individuals who have tested positive and the number of quarantines that resulted from school situations, have been low. This is a direct reflection of our District’s safety precautions, decreased community transmission, natural immunity from prior infections and widespread Covid-19 vaccination.

On Monday, April 12, 2021, NWLSD will implement the following changes surrounding quarantines: 
Determining who is a close contact: 

A close contact is an individual who is within 3 ft with or without a mask for 15 min or more to a positive individual during their contagious period.
Individuals who are identified as a close contact and are quarantined will not be permitted to attend sports or extracurricular activities during the quarantine period.

Length of Quarantine: 

Individuals who are quarantined due to exposure to a positive individual will be excluded for 10 days (count starts with last date of exposure), with the option of testing on day 5 and returning early on day 7 with a negative result. As a safeguard, early returners will be required to participate in daily symptom screening through day 14 in the health office at the school.

Fully Vaccinated Individuals: 

Will not be quarantined provided they are well and free of symptoms. If symptoms develop within a 14-day period from said exposure, a 10-day quarantine will then be imposed. Fully vaccinated staff and students who were considered exposed, but not quarantined, will continue to receive written notification from the district when an exposure occurs. This information is documented and reported to Hamilton County as required.


If your child is ill and your family has a need for access to at-home COVID-19 testing options, please contact the nurse at your child’s school. NWLSD has BinaxNOW test kits available for use. These test kits can be administered in the privacy of your home, under parent supervision. Internet (computer with camera or a smartphone) access is required and the process involves a free telehealth visit with a healthcare provider. Results can be processed in just 15 minutes.
 As the community around us reopens, we ask that you continue to practice social distancing measures, wear face coverings in public and good hygiene practices. These measures remain the public health recommendation even for those fully vaccinated.

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