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Article: Reopening Plan FAQ

Reopening Plan FAQ








We have put together an FAQ to help answer any questions you may have concerning our reopening plan.


Please review our plan:




Will students in remote learning be able to take Algebra and foreign language in 8th grade?

YES - Algebra 1 is available to middle school students through Accelerate Education; both Spanish and French are courses available to students through Accelerate Education (we will have to figure out how we provide teacher support for students taking these courses online); Middle school students can take up to 6 courses per semester on Accelerate Education (4 core and 2 electives). Counselors will need to be involved with helping students in the remote learning academy select appropriate courses.


My High School student takes AP classes, will they access AP courses if they attend the Remote Learning Academy?

Accelerate Education offers Honors and AP course options for high school students and high school Algebra 1 and Foreign Language courses for Middle School. Accelerate Education will also allow our teachers to modify course content based on student assessment data and demonstration of mastery.


My student is falling behind, will the curriculum offered through the Remote Learning Academy meet their needs?

The online curriculum will meet the needs of all of our students. NWLSD selected Accelerate Education as our digital platform for students in the Remote Learning Academy. Accelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade to meet the needs of all students, from at-risk students who had trouble succeeding in the traditional classroom to high achieving students seeking classes their schools cannot provide for them. This program will provide Individualized Learning Plans catered to each student's needs, skill levels, and requirements. Our teachers will review and refine these plans based on student instructional needs.


Will students in the Remote Learning Academy have shorter school days?

Students will be required to log a minimum of 25 hours per week of work completion and participate in at least 2.5 hours per week of teacher-led virtual instruction. We have taken into consideration the amount of time it will take for students to complete their independent work. Ohio students in grades K-6 are required to have a school calendar that reflects a minimum of 910 hours of instruction. Ohio students in grades 7-12 are required to have a school calendar that reflects a minimum of 1001 hours of instruction. Students in the Remote Learning Academy will be required to document their hours through the Accelerate Education online dashboard and a weekly log of other learning activities and instruction completed offline or outside of the Accelerate Education program. Parents can view the online curriculum and the daily activities by clicking on the following links: https://accelerate.education/online-courses-k-12/, http://learningcoach.accelerate.education/.


Are students that are enrolled in remote learning able to take band/chorus/orchestra?

Not during the school day if they are remote. We are not able to offer some remote and some in-person (blended) as an option except in special circumstances as approved by a building and district administrator.

Students in our remote learning academy are permitted to participate in extracurricular activities outside of the school day.

Here is the list of online electives available to MS students through Accelerate Education.https://accelerate.education/k-12-personalized-learning-courses/

Again, counselors would need to be involved in helping students decide which courses were most appropriate for them.


What is the plan for Butler Tech?

Questions concerning Butler Tech can be sent to: 

 Matt King

Office and Butler Tech Recruitment & Retention




What if a student starts out with in person learning and wants to change to remote?  Is this a full semester commitment like remote?

Students who start out in person MAY switch to the remote learning academy prior to the end of the first semester. We anticipate that concerns may arise as health conditions change or they have the opportunity to experience what is required with in-person attendance. They will need to submit a new letter of intent to curriculum@nwlsd.org to do so. Students will not be allowed to switch back and forth during the semester and once they move to the remote learning academy they must remain in the academy for at least the first semester.


Students who elect to participate in the Remote Learning Academy may NOT change to in person until the end of the semester. The reason for this is that the District will be purchasing licenses for Accelerate Education and assigning and training staff based on indicated preferences for the Remote Learning Academy.

Students who are attending in-person and need to move to short-term remote due to documented illness/quarantine will not automatically join the academy but rather will engage in remote learning with their classroom teacher. They would be able to join the academy at the start of second semester (January 19th).


What is the first semester?

The first semester runs from August 27th through January 14th. The second semester will begin on January 19th.


Is there a Spanish version of our Letter of Intent?

Yes. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RL33UQUcE-F93CuXWhdahVgmtPAVaquiU3Oaa4sTBs8/edit?usp=sharing


How will special education minutes be met with remote learning? Will IEP meetings be held virtually?

Intervention Specialists and related services staff will be assigned to work with students to provide IEP and related services during remote learning. Each student’s IEP will be reviewed and a remote learning plan will be developed in collaboration with the parents to outline how services will be provided. 

A hybrid model where students receive curriculum through remote learning, and in person related services may be an option to support the needs of students as outlined in their remote learning plans.

IEP meetings will be held virtually to allow participation for team members and parents during the no visitor period. 


Is there a course curriculum guide for students who may plan to attend remotely that you can share? (High School)

The online resource we are looking at using for the Remote Learning Academy is called Accelerate Education. Here is their website URL:  https://accelerate.education/online-courses-k-12/  

From the menu at the top of the website select "Catalogs" and then from that  "drop down menu select "Online courses K-12". 

From there you can select the "9-12 Course Catalog" to see the courses that are offered.  https://accelerate.education/9-12-courses/ Leveled courses are available including Honors and AP level courses. There are also a variety of elective courses available, including foreign language courses.

You can click on any course to see an overview and outline of the course.

Course demo videos are available at the bottom of this webpage https://accelerate.education/online-courses/ (specific high school examples are for ELA 2 and Algebra 1).

We will be purchasing licenses for Accelerate Education for all students in our Remote Learning Academy. The license will allow students in the academy to select up to 6 courses per semester, including 2 elective courses. We will be encouraging student participants to work with their school guidance counselors to create an online course schedule that will challenge them and ensure that they stay on track for graduation.


Are staff and students required to wear a mask if they are wearing a face shield?

Staff and students are required to wear a face covering/mask.Students need to have a doctor’s note to be exempt or receive an accommodation for a face covering.  Staff who require exemptions as they apply to face coverings should notify Human Resources. A face shield is appropriate when worn for an instructional purpose.


When will students be required to phase-in to their school building? 

 8/27--Student Phase-In

 First Day for Students

 In-Person: Grades PreK,1,3,5,6,9

 Other Grades: At-Home Learning


8/28----Student Phase-In

 In-Person: Grades PreK,K,2,4,6,10

 Other Grades: At-Home Learning


8/31----Student Phase-In

 In-Person: Grades PreK,1,3,5,7,11

 Other Grades: At-Home Learning


9/1----Student Phase-In


In-Person: Grades PreK,K,2,4,8,12

   Other Grades: At-Home Learning

   9/2 and 9/3----All Grades In-Person 


Does the accelerate education online program offer ACCESS students instruction or will our ACCESS teachers be teaching that or will the online teachers be teaching that component?

The Accelerate Education program offers Honors and AP course options. Our Gifted Intervention Specialists will be responsible for ensuring that instruction and support is provided consistent with each student’s Written Education Plan (WEP).


Does the remote learning program include any type of elective classes? 

Yes. Complete course catalogs including elective offerings can be found by clicking on the following link: https://accelerate.education/online-courses-k-12/. Students will have the opportunity to select two elective courses in addition to their core content courses. Options vary by grade level but include art, music, physical education, health, technology, foreign language, and career course options.


What do will NWLSD if a child comes to school without a mask?

            All buses and buildings will be equipped with disposable masks.


If a student contracts Covid-19 in our classroom, does the entire class need to quarantine?

Students and staff members that have been exposed inside a six-foot circumference for more than fifteen minutes will be quarantined.  Those that have been inside the same classroom as someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, will also be notified but will not be required to quarantine.


My child is deaf, will his teachers be able to wear shields for lip reading?

We have ordered different versions of masks with clear shields to trial, but the feedback we have received is that they fog up and do not produce the intended result.


When a teacher is providing instruction from 6' away, a mask is not required, so the amount of time his/her face is actually covered may be minimal. We are also working on guidelines consistent with the CDC regarding close contact rules related to face coverings and length of time, and will be sharing those out soon. 

We are currently using a clear divider between staff and students in preschool to be able to remove masks for the purpose of seeing the mouth for speech screenings/evaluations.  It's a work in progress, and we will share answers as we can, and as the Health Department and the CDC approve them.


Do I need to contact my student's counselor to start figuring out which courses she needs to take in the Remote Learning Academy or will the counselor be contacting me within the next few weeks?

No. You do not need to contact your child’s counselor at this time but please do examine the available online courses and identify those that are of interest to your child. Each child will have the opportunity to take up to 6 courses per semester. The course catalogs for Accelerate Education can be found by clicking here: https://accelerate.education/online-courses-k-12/

Students and families in the remote learning academy will be contacted to confirm course selections/recommendations closer to the start of the school year. For middle and high school students we will attempt to maintain the course schedule that was selected by the student and recommended by our staff in the spring, recognizing that not all courses are available through Accelerate Education. 


Will my student be able to take a foreign language through this academy if they received a letter from their counselor last year that they were recommended to take it, but missed it because they were only accepting up to a certain number of students?

High school students will be able to take foreign language courses through the Remote Learning Academy. 8th grade students who were recommended to take a foreign language course by their teachers/counselors will also have the opportunity to do so.


Are the college credit courses available via at home learning?

Students in the Remote Learning Academy will be able to participate in College Credit Plus through our normal off campus CCP program.  If you are interested in this option for your child, you should contact your child's guidance counselor. For more information on College Credit Plus please visit https://www.nwlsd.org/CollegeCreditPlus.aspx

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